international public speaking

International public speaking is great. This job means travelling around the planet. It means delighting audiences with your insights, knowledge and sometimes your foreign charm. Everyone always benefits from getting an outside perspective on things. Different nations tend to think about things in different ways.

If you want to know more about the automotive industry, then surely talk to the Germans. Entrepreneurship and technology is handled well by the Americans. Work-life balance and sleek designs are done very well by the viking-descendents in Scandinavia. International public speaking means many things, but before booking your next ticket, make sure that you will get paid and talk about something that delights the audience in your target country. Join your international colleagues via Speakers loft.

Public speaking in Sweden

Public speaking in SwedenWhat exactly does Abba, IKEA and Pippi Longstocking all have in common besides being from sweden? All three are huge successes worldwide and hold a place in Scandinavian culture. Sweden as a country is excellent at exporting ideas and people but how well are they doing internally? If you plan on going to …

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Public speaking in France

Public speaking in FranceIf you google “The city of love” you’ll be directed towards lovely Paris and it’s many attractions. They don’t tell you about public speaking in France.Whether it’s a picnic under the Eiffel Tower, a lovely art museum or a beautiful stroll down to Sacré-Cœur. All of this can be found in the streets …

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Public speaking in USA

Public speaking in the USALike everything else public speaking in the USA is bigger! Bigger Cars, bigger houses, and bigger salaries. The competition in America is fierce too. The number of speakers compared to Germany or the UK is overwhelming and impressive. Hardly surprising considering how much more involved this market is. With a population of …

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Speaking in Germany

Public speaking in GermanyAre you planning a speaking tour around Europe? For most European speakers, Germany is a must with the highest fee levels in Europe. Speaking gigs in Germany pay almost three times as much as gigs in The Netherlands and Denmark.However, these numbers do not apply if you are a woman, as Germany …

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Speaking in The United Kingdom

Get the overview of what it means to speak in The UK.If you’re going to the UK as a public speaker, you are in for a treat. Generally, the fee levels are high (for Europe), and parity is doing well for speakers. If you step on the stage wearing heels, you’re likely to get paid …

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Speaking in The Netherlands

If chance has so ordained that you are going to visit The Netherlands as a public speaker, you are in for a treat. But not necessarily a hefty fee. Read on to see why speaking in The Netherlands is not quite as attractive as speaking in the neighboring countries. Although commonly associated with tulips, windmills, and …

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