Public speaking in the USA

Like everything else public speaking in the USA is bigger! Bigger Cars, bigger houses, and bigger salaries. The competition in America is fierce too. The number of speakers compared to Germany or the UK is overwhelming and impressive. Hardly surprising considering how much more involved this market is.

With a population of almost 330 million people across 50 states, competition is high. The high level of competition in the states means that while many speak, few make a living of it and do so full time. That is the harsh truth concerning public speaking in the USA. For the same reason there are tons of speaker directories, like Espeakers, and others based here.

The United States of America is an area slightly smaller in area and population than Europe. This fact does not stop it from having higher salaries for speakers and more speaking agencies and trainers.

If you are looking for fame and fortune as a speaker, public speaking in the USA is what you need to do.

Comparing the neighbors

The United States of America has best-paid speakers. It is, therefore, no surprise that their neighboring countries pay less.

USA speakers earn more than double what the Mexican speakers do. In itself, this does not say much, but the Mexican speakers earn close to the German speakers. The Germans are the most well-paid speakers in Europe (on average). 

$9825 is the average fee of speakers in the USA. Compare this to the speakers in the Netherlands who on average make $1710 - Almost one-sixth of what the Americans make. We're looking at two very different markets here.

Parity in The United States of America

Equality in the USA is close to the numbers of The Netherlands, while quite a bit higher than the figures for Germany. That makes public speaking in the USA great place for male and female speakers alike.

 While female speakers do not earn as much as male speakers, they still make significantly more than men and women in the rest of the world.

Best speaker topics

The interest in new Technology and trends are consistent across the globe. We see the same pattern in the USA as in most of the world, with tech and business speakers leading the earnings-charts.

Because the USA has bigger fees, it also means that the gap from topic to topic is more significant.

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