Are you planning a speaking tour around Europe? For most European speakers, Germany is a must with the highest fee levels in Europe. Speaking gigs in Germany pay almost three times as much as gigs in The Netherlands and Denmark.

However, these numbers do not apply if you are a woman, as Germany has a low parity-level for a European country.

Either way, you will still be paid more than in Denmark and The Netherlands, so there’s no reason to avoid Germany on your tour.

With a population of almost 83 million, Germany makes up more than 11% of the entire population of Europe. Throughout history, Germany has invented some of the most useful items ever from; The car to laundry detergent, from aspirin to teabags (you are welcome Britain).

Rich on culture and gorgeous scenery, Germany is an old country with some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. They take great pride in their food and beers, making them a great country to tour in, during and after your speaking gigs.

Compared to the neighbors 

When it comes to speaker salaries, no European countries compare to Germany in terms of speaker earnings.

For our male readers, there's no European country in league with Germany. With an average fee of $4560, you should definitively amp up your regular prices a bit, if you usually speak in another country.

Learn the average fee-difference between The EU and The US.
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If you, on the other hand, identify as a woman, you will be surprised by the low parity between male fees and female fees.

Equal pay is a highly debated topic in Germany, and they even have an "Equal Pay Day" symbolizing the extra days that women have to work during the year to earn as much as their male counterparts.

During this years "Equal Pay Day" all females had a reduced ticket fee on all Berlin transit.

Best selling topics in Germany

Much like the rest of the world "Tech and Trends" are in high demand, and also pays better than the other topics.

Unlike most of the world, Germany has a relatively small gap between the different topics.

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