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It all started with a bureau that wanted to do something for speakers and not just the clients. 

They told us:

"Speaking is a lonely job. But it does not have to be. Speakers everywhere share much the same experience, the same troubles, and the same joys. By bringing speakers together, we can change the status quo."

Sure. But we can do business too. By bringing talented speakers together from all over the world, we can create the ultimate stepping stone for speakers wanting to make a global impact. 

Today we have members all over the planet committed to helping each other out and building out their network while doing so.

Reach out to us:

Our headquarters are in Odense, Denmark.

(That is where fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson comes from)

Thanks to our collaboration with A-Speakers/Ahenas, we have representation in United States, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

And members in many more countries. Get in touch:

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What we Believe

We're NOT a Speakers bureau. Speakers bureau are really good at being Speakers bureaus. We do things a little differently:

A speaking opportunity is something you create. The building blocks are meaningful connections with the right people. We introduce you to the right people.

We talked to hundreds of speakers and asked how they became full-time, professional speakers. They unanimously said that a good network leads to business deals. When we connect, opportunities are created.

At Speakers Loft, we play the long game and take pride in creating meaningful connections between speakers, events, and conferences. Our approach is playing the long game, but if you are serious about speaking, it is the only game in town.

Speakers Loft helps speakers with great data to leverage their gigs, the whole experience behind is deeply human. It’s a no brainer for professional speakers - you should be part of this.

Jérôme Roussin, Paris, France

Jerome Roussin

Speakers Loft is great for building community for speakers. When you add the valuable insights provided, it becomes a no-brainer.

Søren Kristensen, Odense, Denmark

Søren K - testimonial