Public speaking - The Bird's eye view

Until now data for public speakers have been sparse and spread out. That changes now.

Speakers Loft has partnered with agencies in several countries to create a new product. Using real speaker deals and data-mining mechanics we are showing what is up and down in the speaker industry.

Think of it as a warehouse of insights. We collect, clean and manage speaker data. Our users walk into our ‘warehouse’ and pull answers of the shelves and use it in their work.

Currently, we are eager to find partners that can use our insights within their communities. We're happy to contribute to networks that are already up and running. If you run a speaker blog or magazine that has an interest in in public speaking, why not reach out today?

So you're actually using real sales data and analyzing on this?

Yes - but we would never share personally identifiable data. Not about speakers, not about audience and not about customers. We only talk in trends. 

According to Opus Group CEO, Søren Kristensen, who is part of the project working with data this way is something entirely new:

"It is very daunting to share data in this way. At the very core of our business, we are a digital agency, and this is what has driven our growth from day one. When we still choose to make data available to not only our own but all speakers, it is because we add value to everyone in speaking by doing so."

Want to talk some more about getting content for your blog or sharing data with us?

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[email protected]
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