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You are probably wondering: what is Speakers Loft?
In short, we give speakers all they need to succeed and grow in an ever-changing business niche. We will show you how to master social media, negotiate fees and find paid speaking engagements.

Whether you are new to the game or already rocking it, we got what you need to grow as a public speaker.

You are probably here to find out more about us. Happy to oblige.

We're in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is where we have our office.

Our promise to you

Becoming or living as a speaker isn't easy. It takes years of hustling to build up an audience and a reputation, and once you make it, you will probably find, that everything you learned is about to change.

It's not the universe conspiring against you. It's just that the world is more like a river, and less like a statue cut in marble. Everything is in constant flux.

Our promise to speakers is to be there for the journey.

We reasoned that while there are many excellent speaker trainers, and build-a-business systems available out there, we can do our bit for speakers, by gathering and curating all the latest facts, trends and insights from the many talented people in the niche. That is why we are so excited you have asked yourself: what is Speakers loft? - something must be going right.

There is nowhere else, where you can get meaty, actionable help with speaking like you can with our reports. To keep things fresh we recommend that you subscribe to our reports, and keep your knowledge level updated.

If you do, we'll keep you connected to other talented speakers who have made the same commitment. Together you'll be unstoppable.

And while you are steaming ahead, we'll make sure you always have what you need in terms of knowledge. Nothing stands between you and your next paid speaking gig.

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