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People First

Let us know where you are going, and we'll email all members and meeting planners in your destination. Meet for a coffee and grow your network.

People first, meet them everywhere speakers loft


Connections That Matter

Connect with your new acquaintances in the app. When they conquer a stage, you will be notified. Maybe you should speak there next? Start your sales with one foot in the door.

get a foot in the door, speakers loft


Keep Track

Keep track of your potential speaking opportunities by using our innovative community-driven CRM. We add more potential clients as your network grows. 

When one speaker wins, the whole network wins.

Innovative community CRM for speakers



Leave your tips on a stage - and get a headstart when others have done the same.

Get a headstart as a speaker.

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If you get one of our early seats you also get 5 insight reports for free made just for speakers.

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Speakers Loft helps speakers with great data to leverage their gigs, the whole experience behind is deeply human. It’s a no brainer for professional speakers - you should be part of this.

Jérôme Roussin, Paris, France

Jerome Roussin

Speakers Loft is great for building community for speakers. When you add the valuable insights provided, it becomes a no-brainer.

Søren Kristensen, Odense, Denmark

Søren K - testimonial

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