Each month we will release one in-depth report of one issue related to speaking. It can be yours for $89 per item and will help you grow your career.

Alternatively – if you’re the social type – and like learning you can become a member for only $49 and get a new report every month as well as a brand new family of speakers to learn with.

Join us, and grow smarter while leaving the loneliness of speaking behind you.


Learn from your peers

Your problems are not unique. Avoid time and frustration by learning how others dealt with their issues.

A network of speakers

Troubleshoot with the pros

Speaking can be a lonely line of work. It doesn’t have to be that way. Connect to a network of people who knows your troubles, challenges and joys.


Meetups or niche-discussions?

Create groups for anything you like. Find speakers, that want to focus on social media – or build your own international group of Data Security speakers. Meet-up for drinks or find someone to give you feedback. You decide where to take your career next.

It is our mission to bring you:


When you join us, we’ll connect you to the elite of the Speakersloft world. We’ll place you in a group with likeminded peers on either Facebook or Linkedin.
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We know there are a ton of things to take care of when you’re on the road. All of this takes time away from staying on top of your subject matter.
Let our resources guide you.
Do you for instance now about the self-reference effect and how it can help you make an impact?


We have access to a lot of data about speaking that is avilable to no one else. We aim at releasing one report for speakers every month.
Buy one report and get it for US $89.
Or join the community for US $49 and get a new report every month.
(Reports will be ready in 2019)
There are costs associated with traveling the world to share your ideas. Members get access to out special offers hand-picked for speakers.
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