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If you're going to the UK as a public speaker, you are in for a treat. Generally, the fee levels are high (for Europe), and parity is doing well for speakers. If you step on the stage wearing heels, you're likely to get paid fairly. In other words, there is no reason not to jump on the first flight.

Roughly 66 million souls inhabit the British isles making it only a little smaller than California and Texas combined in terms of people. In terms of landmass, however, they should not arm-wrestle as Texas alone takes up three times the amount of space that The UK does. On the positive side, you can probably drive between venues if you need to.

Major urban centers in The UK include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

Much confusion abounds about precisely what is covered by the term The United Kingdom, so let us have a look at that. The United Kingdom is a sovereign country, but also contains the sovereign countries of Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Matters like foreign policy (or EU membership) is handled centrally, while things like education and housing are handled locally.

You may occasionally also hear the term Great Britain thrown around. This terms is geographic and refers to the largest of the British Isles, which happens to be the mainland of Wales, England, and Scotland. It is not a country (or country of countries, as it were). However, it is sometimes used interchangeably.

In terms of looking at fee levels for speakers, we include all these countries-in-country as we expect no overarching difference in fee levels between them.

So, with that out of the way, let us have a look at the situation in The United Kingdom:

Compared to the neighbors

When it comes to fee level, The United Kingdom is not quite as good to speak in as Germany but still sits in the European heavy-weight bracket. Punching in just above France and with only the Germans speakers earning more, it is indeed attractive to visit the islands. Also, of course, it doesn't hurt that the language is pretty straightforward*

*Excluding Wales.

Speaker parity in the UK


The UK holds a pretty high degree of parity although, of course, the goal should still be a hundred percent. For comparison, the equality in The Netherlands for speakers was lower. Female speakers in The UK seem to do slightly better than UK Women on average compared to OECD stats.


As in most other territories, Trends and tech seem to be the most well-paid topic for speakers in The UK. What is worth noticing here is that Society, not usually a lucrative field, is scoring quite high in The UK.

This change is recent and could reflect turmoil in the British discussions of Brexit.


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