Think for a moment - what makes you remember a concert, a speak, a movie or even a good steak? Happy memories are key and with a few simple tricks we can hack the brains of your audience to remember you.
In sales, it is widely known that saying the name of the customer multiple times will make them more likely to; a) purchase the product, or b) think of the product. This is also the reason that telemarketers say our names till it gets uncomfortable for both of us. It might sound stupid, but it is a psychological trick, used for converting strangers into friends.Through repeating and continuously using the other person’s name, you trick the brain into creating a bond between the two of you.
Obviously, yelling out the names of all the participants in the audience will make your talk tedious and very long, so instead of talking to each individual at your speak, here are a few easy to use steps to make people remember you.
These tricks are simply a way to make the audience remember your speech.

Can you do me a favor?

Is the simplest brain hack in the book - Also known as the Ben Franklin Effect, is the idea of ‘doing something for a person will make you like them more’. The goal is to ask the audience to help you with something, or do something for you during the talk.
Helping you move might be over the top, but we applaud you if you succeed in getting the audience to do so. Instead we can use a simple trick used by Comedians all over the world. Simply ask the audience: “What is your name?” A simple question doesn’t seem like much but you put the audience out of their comfort zone, asking them to share some of themselves with you and the rest of the audience.
The name question is a small scale but effective version of a brain hack but it is easily scalable to an entire audience no matter the size.
Simple tasks like “I want you to write this down” or “Remember this for later” are simple mind tricks, usable on multiple audience members at once.
By simply rephrasing what you ask of your audience, from asking a single person, to ask the entire audience at once, you make the audience allocate brain space for your words and thoughts. This makes them remember you. 

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Your body is a pendulum

Human communication can be split into three main groups; spoken words, tone of voice, and body language. While some disagree on the magnitude, all agree nonverbal communication weigh more than verbal communication. Simple sentences and phrases mixed with some tone of voice, you can make the audience remember you. Imagine what you can accomplish with your entire language.
Eye contact is of great importance when it comes to body language but the difficulty of keeping eye contact increases exponentially  with the number of people in the audience. Make them see you instead.
During your talks, the audience will be observing your body language in every way you move. This can be a problem if you are not aware of it, but if you are confident in your body language then we can turn it into an advantage.
Your body is a pendulum capable of hypnotising your crowd.

Hypnotizing the audience

Your face, and head emits signals all the time, from the frown on your forehead to the smirk on your lip.
Most people can be described in some shape or form based on their face. Just think how often we describe people as ‘serious’, ‘gaunt’ or ‘enthusiastic’. When we do, we are never talking about their shoulders. It is always the face that gives everything away.
When you are aware of the signals you send, you decide what underlying signals you send to your audience.

Agreeing to hypnosis

Consistent nodding is one of many techniques used in direct marketing and retail, the idea is that, much like a pendulum, a consistent slow nodding (we don’t want you to end up with neck pains) soothes the target and relaxes them.
Nodding insinuates agreement, and tells the minds of your audience to agree with you in your presentation.
The end result should therefore be a relaxed audience ready for your words of wisdom.
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