The best way to find public speaker jobs

If you want to find public speaker jobs, then maybe TravelToSpeak is the resource for you. Everyone can see upcoming speaking opportunities around the planet.

Finding good public speaker jobs is hard. But it is not impossible. One thing you can do is use the service at TravelToSpeak. Here all the information that public speakers need is gathered in just one place.

You can search by city and see what companies that are relevant to speakers are in your town, but also which local speakers may be able to get you a membership to the platform. Not that you need one, necessarily.

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Public speaker jobs

When you arrive on the front page of TravelToSpeak, you will see a list of global cities. We add more all the time. We’ve found that what makes people come back is listing the available public speaker jobs in every city. Some of them have a short call for speaker deadlines, bust since most are recurring events, there is still good reason to reach out to the organizers. Make yourself known to them, build a relationship with them, and then, when next years call for speakers roll out, well, then you know what to do. If not, then go check out our reports. Subscribe and when next year comes around you will know.

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The service

The service is run by Speakersloft and started mostly like a way to keep tabs on all the good people we’ve encountered in our research. There are cool people everywhere between the north and the south pole. Speaking has an unusually high share of bright minds. We reasoned it would be good to keep a more systematic approach to maintaining these connections. Not only did we already benefit from their expertise, but we’re sure they can benefit from each other too. So we add them on a rolling basis.

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While TravelToSpeak is a members-only site, most of the good stuff is way before the paywall. You can still see who-is-who of local speaking. If you want to get in touch with these people, well, then there is always the old-fashioned way. Find them on something like LinkedIn and make the connections. Since users on the platform share contact information like emails and phone numbers, we have to keep access limited to those we trust (and since all members can invite new members, also to the people they trust). If you looking for a way to learn more about public speaking, our subscription is probably for you.

Try it right now at TravelToSpeak.