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Here is a brutal truth. Almost no one can make a professional speaking career on their own. First of all, it takes years to build a sufficiently sized audience - and then you still need to master selling, on-stage presence, website-building, negotiations, keep up with research on your topic and much more.

It will seem overwhelming at times. When it does, join us. We have a lot of people, who have already fought these battles. You can learn from their experience. And surely, they can learn from you.

Avoid the frustrations of non-committal customers and 'exposurists.' Meet people who know what it means to be - and live as - a speaker.

When you subscribe to Speakers Loft, you become part of a group of people who have dedicated themselves to improving as speakers. Financial freedom and a permanent goodbye to corporate life can be yours.

We will make it easier, but you're still going to work hard and long hours for it. Let's do it together.

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