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We’re proud to present the most comprehensive analysis of speaker fees available. More than 37000 real deals and more than 2700 speakers are included in the data, from which we put together our report. This will help you understand the patterns in payment for public speakers – and help you find out if you’re being paid the right amount. The report contains:

What is the deciding factor between countries when it comes to fee?
What are the differences between The US and Europe?
How much can you get to talk about a certain topic?

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Find out where the money is at in 2019 with this report on trends and fee levels for the most popular topics in speaking. Read our insights on how to position yourself, sell more, and build an expert position.

We base our findings on real sales, google trends data and online behavior of more than 250.000 users looking for speakers in the real world. 

Do not miss out on the essential insight that will land you in the spotlight of meeting planners.


No athlete turns up at the Olympics and take all the medals without years of practice and focused effort. If you are willing to make a similar sacrifice to become a great speaker, this report is for you. 

You will get routines that build businesses from speakers who have already made it, as well as insights on how you need to speak to make an impact. Having healthy routines can help set you apart from the competition, and this report is an excellent place to start. You will still have to do all the heavy lifting, but we promise it will be worth it.

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