City guide for speakers

The odds are that you travel a lot for work. We thought it would be great if you could get more value from your trips whether you’re going to another continent or just the next town over. One way of doing that would be if you could set up the right meetings while there. Enter the city guide for speakers.

You can do so with this tool. The lookup on this page is an early prototype, and some data will be missing, and the UX is very lacking. We’re happy to build on the service if you can use it.

Reach out to [email protected] with any data you’d like to add to the database. Doing so is not a giant task, and we’re happy to do it. The truth is that we do not know where to get the best coffee in Bogota or Berlin, and we’d prefer it if you told us rather than having to google it. So please let us know.

Give it a go here – pick your city and see the local info.

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Get more out of every business trip you take as a speaker.

Could you see the value of helping us create a city guide for public speakers, then support us with a one-time payment of $9. All backers will of course receive a yearly free membership if we decide to make this a paid service a some point.

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